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Shamrock O-Ringen 2013


Cork Orienteering Club are delighted to invite you to the 2013 Shamrock O-Ringen, returning again to County Kerry.


Day 1 – The Black Lakes – Middle Distance

Day 2 – Crohane – Long/Classic Distance

Day 3 – Crohane Lake – Chasing Start

All maps will contain significant updates for the 2013 event.


Crohane will be familiar to anyone who visited Ireland for the World Cup races in 1998. This terrain is arguably the finest that you will find in Ireland. It is open mountain type terrain that offers both a technical and physical challenge. It contains intricate rock and contour detail with numerous marshes to keep the feet wet.


Routegadget for the 2009 Shamrock, The Black Lakes and Crohane.


The event centre will again be at Killarney Race Course, where social activities will be held over the weekend.


This years Shamrock will also form part of The Gathering.


Irish running at Swedish and British champs this weekend

The Swedish night championships are being held on the west coast thisimages year, hosted by clubs in the Göteborg region. The ultra-long champs were held last Sunday (GPS re-run: M21 and W21) and this weekend sees the battle for the night and sprint titles take place. Ireland will be represented by BOC and IFK Lidingö’s Nick Simonin. You can follow the competitions live here:

Night champs:
Live results (Nick starts 11:06 pm Irish time)
GPS tracking (selected runners)- M21 and W21 (from 10pm on Thursday April 18th)
Video from terrain

Sprint champs:
Qualification (Saturday 20th April)
Final (Sunday 21st April)
GPS and Live results

Meanwhile, across the water, Irish senior squad members Susan Lambe, Olivia Baxter, Toni O’Donovan and Marcus Pinker are competing in the British Sprint and Middle Distance championships. Juniors Andrea Stefko and Aoife McCavana are also taking part. The Sprint event is being held in Loughborough University and the Middle distance at Stanton Moor.

Sprint Selection Race for WOC 2013

Coastal Warrior 2013Coastal Warrior Weekend 2013
(incorporating Irish Senior Squad WOC sprint selection race)

DATE: 27th- 28th April 2013

DAY 1- Gransha, Londonderry (SPRINT- prologue/ final)
DAY 2- Magilligan, Limavady (MIDDLE)

Course 1- OPEN MEN
Course 2- OPEN WOMEN

Further details on the event will be added later.

Downhill Hostel is located nearby and I hope to book a few beds there for Squad Members, email for a bed, and indicate whether you are interested in accommodation for Friday night, Saturday night, or both.

As it is a selection race the budget will cover some of the costs associated with the weekend, at a minimum those who have submitted WOC intention forms will have their entry fees covered for the Sprint Race.

Darren Burke
Director of High Performance Orienteering

WOC 2013 – Selection Policy

The attached document outlines selection policy for WOC 2013.

Darren Burke
Director of High Performance Orienteering
Irish Orienteering Association

Senior Squad Selection Policy 2013

WOC 2013 Intention Form


IOF Council proposes a new division system to decide qualification for World Orienteering Championships

IOF Council proposes a new division system to decide qualification for World Orienteering Championships

The IOF have published their proposed method of allocating start slots for the Long & Middle finals at WOC from 2014. They are seeking comments from the Federations. 

Squad members please email by March 1st with any comments you may have. I want time to collate any comments before responding to the IOF.


Darren Burke

Director of High Performance Orienteering

Proposd System for Allocating Long Distance Start Slots at WMTBOC

The IOF are removing the long distance qualification races from the MTBO World Championships. They are proposing 60 start slots and how those slots are to be allocated is set out in the document.

Click to access Proposed-system-for-allocating-WMTBOC-long-distance-start-slots.pdf

Any comments?
Need them by Wednesday the 9th January.

Darren Burke
Director of High Performance Orienteering
Irish Orienteering Association


This went up on the website and facebook page before Christmas, so if you missed
it, now is the time to check it out:
I expect all squad members to complete this educational programme.

Once confirmed the selection policy for WOC 2013 will be released, shortly.

As I write this email the 2013 International Orienteering season has started in
New Zealand with the first World Cup race of the year. At this stage I would
like to know what your intentions are for the year to include the following
World Cups (Nordic Tour – start of June & Post Finance Sprint – 5/6 October)
Italy Training Camp in the Autumn
Euromeeting in July (

By knowing what the squad are looking to do for the year, entries and whatever
else needs to be organised can be done in advance.

Those of you looking towards WOC 2015 should be considering Euromeeting. It is
possible a WOC 2015 training camp may also be organised this year.

There will also be a few training camps closer to home like last year. Details
on them when they are organised. If anyone is willing to organise one, please
let me know.

Happy New Year,

Darren Burke
Director of High Performance Orienteering
Irish Orienteering Association


Real Winner

Real Winner

Real Winner is an interactive e-learning education programme about anti-doping covering topics such as Doping Control Procedures, the WADA Prohibited List, whereabouts, therapeutic use exemption and the consequences of doping. Real Winner consists of nine interactive modules, ranging from five to ten minutes per module, plus an introduction module; the entire course can be completed in just over an hour.

Athletes intending to represent Ireland are expected to complete this education programme and send their certificate to If you’ve spare time over Christmas then that’d be an opportune time to get started.

Darren Burke
Director of High Performance Orienteering
Irish Orienteering Association

P.S Anyone wanting to see my certificate, just ask,

Training day and talk with Thierry Gueorgiou: Final information

Some useful information for the open training and evening of events at Tollymore.
(Senior squad members – see separate timetable)
Map of locations.

October 20th, 2012

3 – 5 pm: Open training, Meelmore and Luke’s Mountains.
One course, 7.9 km/330m climb. Possible to shorten.
Course components: Relocation, contours, control picking, corridor orienteering.
Parking and map-collection at Meelmore Lodge. There is a £4 charge for parking. There is also a cafe at this car park, with showers. See Meelmore Lodge website here.
Training is on open mountainside and, depending on the weather conditions, you may wish to wear some extra layers or a cagoule.
Please note, Meelmore/Lukes is embargoed for any potential WPFG competitors.

5:15 pm: Micro Orienteering. Parking at Tollymore national outdoor centre.

6 pm: 2-course Dinner (for those who have pre-ordered). Tollymore centre.

7:30 pm: Talk by Thierry Gueorgiou. Tollymore centre.
Raffle for a Silva Alpha headtorch, kindly donated by IOA communications

1. Open Training – Meelmore Lodge is located on the Trassey Road, 3 miles from Bryansford. Directions here. There is a £4 charge for parking.
2. Tollymore national outdoor centre is located on the B180 near Bryansford.
See map here.
Carpooling is strongly encouraged, where possible.
Link to GoogleMaps with locations marked.

Showers: are available at the Tollymore centre free-of-charge.

Each session: €5/£4. Juniors are free of charge.
Pay on the day. Exact change will be appreciated 🙂

SportIdent: will be used for the open training and the micro orienteering. Don’t forget your SI card!

Sunday event: There is a 3Roc Leinster Autumn Series event on Carlingford on Sunday, details here.

Thank you to the Irish Orienteering Association and Northern Ireland Orienteering Association without whom this visit from Thierry would not be possible.

For questions, please contact Niamh (niamhoboyle at gmail dot com) before Thursday evening. Thanks to the following people for their help with this weekend – Susan Lambe, Philip Baxter, Darren Burke, Thierry Gueorgiou, Mary Knight, Alan Gartside and Allan Bogle.


Happy New Year!!!

The international season for 2012 is over, with the Squad having competed at EOC, WC Races, WOC and the SHI. It is therefore time to look towards 2013.

Next year WOC is in Finland from July 6th – 14th. And the World Cup schedule is as follows:

Round 1 – New Zealand (January)

Round 2 – Nordic Tour (start of June)

Round 3 – WOC (July)

Round 4 – Switzerland (start of October)

Are there any other suggestions as to where the squad should be competing in 2013?

My suggestion is that we send a team to Euromeeting in Scotland which is taking place at the same time as the Scottish 6 Day. This would also be a WOC2015 training camp.

Having been at the WOC2013 training camp recently, with Ruairi and Conor Short, we learnt a few things regarding the area, terrain knowledge being one thing, but for the purposes of this email, travel logistics is something that will take a bit of effort in sorting. Vuokatti is a long journey from Helsinki. Rumour has it that the JK terrain might not be too good, so is there interest in maybe a WOC training camp in Finland?

A Squad calendar for next year also needs to be sorted, so I am looking for suggestions as to what should go on the calendar. Also input on possible training weekends would be welcomed (anyone like to volunteer to host one?), we’ve had excellent weekends in 2012, so more of the same in 2013 would definitely be of benefit to the squad. The calendar will also help determine where the budget will go, so input from the squad is therefore important.

Please let me know if there is anything else that needs to be addressed for 2013.

Darren Burke

Director of High Performance Orienteering

Irish Orienteering Association