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Squad list

Membership of the Irish senior squad is open to all eligible Irish orienteers. If you normally run the M/W 20 or 21 courses and would like to benefit from the support of the squad you are welcome to join!

It is hoped that the size of the senior squad will be increased in 2012, with new members coming from those orienteers in Ireland that regularly run at senior level but who have not in the past taken part in squad activities. The more orienteers involved in squad activities the stronger it becomes. Squad members training and competing together can focus their efforts and further develop their overall orienteering skills in preparation for the big competitions.

Intention forms.

Every year, around Christmas time, perspective squad members are asked to complete and return an Intention form. In the past these were mainly to show an athlete’s intention to be part of the WOC team. In future you will be asked to return the form stating whether you intend to be considered a member of the senior squad and wish to compete for Ireland at international events (including WOC). The form will give us an idea of squad requirements for the year and also what is each squad members main focus for the coming year.

2012 squad list.

The following is the 2012 list of Irish senior squad members.

 Men’s team                                                        Women’s team

 Darren Burke                                                      Olivia Baxter 

Gerard Butler                                                      Ailbhe Creedon                                           

Stewart Caithness                                             Rosalind Hussey

Neil Dobbs                                                            Regina Kelly 

David Healy                                                         Aislinn Kendall

Hugh Cashell                                                       Susan Lambe                                       

Patrick Higgins                                                   Ciara Largey  

Colm Hill                                                              Ruth Lynam 

Shane Lynch                                                       Niamh O’Boyle              

Jonathan McCloy                                               Toni O’Donovan                   

Colm Moran

Seamus O’Boyle

Colm O’Halloran

Josh O’Sullivan-Hourihan  

Marcus Pinker

Andrew Quin

Kieran Rocks

Conor Short

Ruairi Short

Nicolas Simonin


You can view the full 2011 Irish squad list here:  Irish squad list 2011

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